Local Solutions for Local Problems!

Some Live Mission-critical Systems

CUSTOR has developed and implemented a number of successful systems over the last two decades

Online Trade Registration and Licensing System (OTRLS)

A national web-based solution that fully automates different Trade Licensing tasks.

Currently running at 500+ sites across the country.

Document Authentication and Registration System (DARIS)

DARIS is a Web-based system developed for the Document Authentication and Registration Office in order to automate the services rendered to its customers.

Integrated Transport Management System (ITMS)

ITMS is one of the largest systems in Ethiopia, which automates different day-to-day transport service operations.

Running since 2005 G.C. at over 30 sites accross Ethiopia.

Integrated Revenue Management System (SIRM)

SIRM is a large system that was developed to automate Tax collection activities. SIRM introduced automated tax assessment for the first time in Ethiopia.

Running since 2004 G.C.

Certificate Replacement and Authentication System

A web based system is used to re-issue national examination certificates and authenticate the validity of already issued certificates.

Integrated Civil Service Management Information System (ICSMIS)

ICSMIS is a multi-lingual national web-based system developed to automate human resource management services and regulatory functions


ENASoft is a bilingual (Amharic and English) news processing and management software that is used to create, edit, transmit and archive news stories.

Running for over 15 years.

Investment Services Information Management System

A web based system that is used to provide different services to Investors of Addis Ababa City Administration

Our Experience On IBM Solutions

CUSTOR is IBM Business Partner and has experience on a wide range of IBM Solutions, including Enterprise Content Management, Messaging and Collaboration, IBM Integration Bus (IIB), and IBM Enterprise Security Solutions

  • Provision of IT Asset Management and Control Desk solutions using IBM BigFix and Control Desk products

  • Provision of Enterprise Content Management solutions using IBM FileNet, including:
    • Document Capture and Imaging
    • Case Management
    • Enterprise Records

  • Provision of system integration services using IBM Integration Bus (IIB), including:
    • Integration of heterogeneous applications and web services
    • Provision of rapid access, visibility and control over data flows.